Reduce the energy costs of swimming pools

AQUA PROJECT is a project developed by Samandel that aims to decrease the energy costs of swimming pools by intervening with a new technology that can manage the operation of the recycling pumps simply and safely thanks to the monitoring of the turbidity degree of the water.

The system consists of four elements:

  • Turbidity probes, installed upstream of the filtration system, capable of continuously monitoring the characteristics of the water
  • Inverters connected to each circulation pump
  • Software for managing the operation of the inverters
  • Web connection module for remote monitoring and management

Application areas

  • Public swimming pools

  • Pools for collective use (hotels, restaurants, farmhouses, gyms, schools)

  • Condominium swimming pools

  • Rehabilitation swimming pools

  • Private swimming pools


  • Reduction of energy costs related to the water filtration system (up to 60% less)

  • Lower maintenance costs: longer life of pumps and filters

  • Maintaining the health conditions of the water at all times

  • Compatibility with filters already installed

  • Remote management and monitoring

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