Photovoltaic for Companies

Investing in a photovoltaic system means producing sustainable energy for the environment and saving money

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Install a photovoltaic system and reduce your energy cost

Did you know that by building a photovoltaic system you can have a return on investment of more than 15%? Do not you believe it? A well-sized system pays for itself in 5 years and for another 20 you earn!

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Our solutions for companies

Photovoltaic direct sales

We build your photovoltaic system, taking care of the authorization process and the design and construction phases. You will immediately start producing electricity by reducing your dependence on the grid.

The return on investment will be over 15%!

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Photovoltaic in installments

Sale in installments with an average contractual duration of 10 years. We take care of all the technical, bureaucratic, construction site and delivery activities of the finished plant. Each year, thanks to the self-consumption of the energy produced by the photovoltaic system, your company will benefit from a lower cost of purchasing energy from the grid. This savings will exceed the expense for the installments.

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Zero Investment

Turnkey plant ready for use. You will be able to purchase the energy produced by the system for your company at a discounted price compared to the purchase price from the electricity grid. An immediate economic saving and at the end of the contractual period (typically between 8 and 15 years) you will be able to obtain, without additional costs, the ownership of the plant.

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Photovoltaic with Operative Rental

We have studied an alternative formula to purchase and leasing which allows, upon payment of a periodic fee, to acquire the plant for a specific period of time, without incurring the purchase cost.

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Photovoltaic with Roof Rental

We realize the photovoltaic system at our expense on the roof of your company recognizing you for the rent of the roof up to 2.5 €/m2/year with twenty-year contracts. The photovoltaic system is connected only to the electricity distribution network: all the energy produced will be sold to the network without any impact on your energy consumption. The best way to get income from the roof of an industrial shed.

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Who do we turn to?

Thousands of Italian companies have chosen photovoltaics for the production of clean and sustainable energy. Our role is to accompany your company towards a path of sustainability by installing a photovoltaic system on the roof of your business, ensuring the production of clean and affordable energy, decreasing your dependence on the network.

We install customized systems for size and power on the roof of your business offering solutions in line with your needs

We study for your company the best solution to reduce costs, increase competitiveness and take a concrete step towards sustainability

Get savings of up to 100% on the cost of electricity on your bill!

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Photovoltaic for Companies


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