Smart Metering Project

Energy Audit for Companies

Smart Metering Project is an energy audit project aimed at analysing and understanding the energy consumption of a company, through the implementation of a monitoring system that can collect data on all energy carriers – electricity, gas and water – to create performance indices – EnPI, Energy Performance Indicator, integrating the data from the sensors (new or pre-installed) and from other already active software.

The Smart Metering Project is dedicated not only to large energy-intensive companies involved in the obligation to carry out an energy audit according to Legislative Decree n. 2014/2014, but to all the organisations that have understood the strategic importance of installing instruments for measuring energy consumption and representing data collected in easy-to-read control panels, useful for improving the knowledge of their energy and production performance.

Samandel‘s technological and commercial offer allows customers to take advantage of the forms of investment support, such as the rule on the over-amortisation of 250% of the instruments for industry 4.0 or starting with a small investment payable also with a monthly fee, for build an analysis system over time that is gradually more sophisticated and complete.

Application areas

  • Companies of all sizes
  • Sectors concerned: industrial, commercial and tertiary


  • Up to 30% savings in the bill
  • Average payback of 12-18 months

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