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Samandel is an E.S.Co – Energy Service Company that is UNI CEI 11352:2014 certified and operates independently within the VEOS Group, a company that invests in innovative technologies and business models to optimise energy and environmental resources.

Samandel is a member of FIRE, Italian Federation of the Rational Use of Energy, a no-profit association that has operated since 1987 for the diffusion of technologies and methods for energy efficiency, of which it values impartiality, professionalism and competence.

Samandel is also a member of Italia Solare the only nation association that defends the development of photovoltaic supply chain.


Samandel pursues the objective of spreading ethical and sustainable energy development, supporting companies in adopting solutions to save organisationally and financially sustainable energy.

Energy efficiency is the first priority of the national strategy in the energy field as it simultaneously contributes to achieving all the objectives of cost/competitiveness, safety, growth and quality of environment.
SEN – Public consultation document 2012

Origins of the brand

The very name of the company is based on these principles: as a matter of fact, it is due to salamander-shaped statue at the entrance of Parc Güell in Barcelona, one of the most ingenious work of Antoni Gaudì.

That statue is not a simple architectural element because it actually hides the overflow of an underground reservoir to collect rainwater that would have made all the houses in the park independent from the water point of view: energy efficiency at the beginning of the 1900’s.

Code of Ethics

Efficiency, reliability and excellence

The adoption of the Code of Ethics by Samandel S.p.A. wants to showed the company’s strong commitment in guaranteeing  a transactions and human relations, defining the ethical and social responsibilities of company toward the various interlocutors with whom it relates.

Scarica il Codice Etico


  • Ethical business
  • Established managerial experience
  • Strong presence of technological know-how
  • Independence in choosing the deal technological solution
  • Significant track record project management
  • Proven ability to structure financial solutions
  • Long experience in the development and management of technological processes


Samandel is an Energy Service Company that operates with the aim of proving services that are the highest level of quality in the market.

To bear witness to this commitment, Samandel has obtained, among the few ESCOs on the market, a third-party certification in all the main business sector.

An EGE (Expert in Energy Management) is a modern and interdisciplinary professional called to act in the context of the new European energy market, based on principles such as the liberalisation of markets, energy and environmental measures contained in the Climate-Energy Package (20-20-20). A skills-based qualifications system and a harmonised set of rules, designed to best interpret changes that have transformed the balance of interests between consumers, energy providers, network managers and ESCo.

The Italian standard that establishes the minimum requirements for companies that want to carry out the role of an Energy Service Company (ESCo).

It outlines the minimum requirements of energy efficiency services and the capacities (organisational, diagnostic, design, management, economic and financial) that the ESCo must possess in order to offer these activities to its customers.

CMVP (Certified Measurement and Verification Professional) is a certification program created to recognise the most qualified experts and to raise the professional level in the field of measurement and verification (M & V). It is an international certification, issued by the AIE® (Association of Energy Engineers) in collaboration with EVO® (a non-profit organisation that develops and maintains the IPMVP protocol).

Defines the requirements for the implementation in an organisation, of a quality management system, in order to conduct business processes, improve effectiveness and efficiency in product creation and service delivery, obtain and increase customer satisfaction.

Legislative Decree 231 of 2001: liability of entities and companies in relation to crimes committed or attempted in the interest or for the benefit of the administration company and / or employees.

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Many professionals skills with a single objective: provide companies with the best in terms of energy efficiency.

Massimo Orlandi
Massimo OrlandiFounder - Chairman
A chemical engineer graduated in Rome, he began his career in Enichem with the responsibility of developing several products and a series of special projects. In 1992, he went into the energy sector, working in Edison firstly as a Business Development Director in the electricity sector and then, in the gas sector, as a Supply & Sales Manager. He was appointed as Chairman of two companies that he acquired in the gas distribution and hydrocarbon production sectors.

In 1999, he founded Energia SpA, today Sorgenia, which has become one of the first 5 electricity and gas operators on the free market; it exceeds a 2.5 billion turnover and half a million customers, achieving 3 billion in investments. CEO of the parent company and chairman of several companies of the group, he is also Deputy Chairman of Assoelettrica and Chairman of Energia Concorrente.

Andrea Brumgnach
Andrea BrumgnachFounder - CEO
A chemical engineer graduated at the Politecnico di Milano, he began his career in Solvay where he held the role of Project and Process Engineer, having, in this last role, the responsibility of the utilities of the Rosignano Solvay plant. In 2002, he joined Sorgenia where he created and directed the B.U. Energy Efficiency, leading Sorgenia to be one of the first ESCOs in Italy and becoming a member of Confindustria’s Energy Efficiency Task Force.
In 2007, he took part in the start-up of Ecostream Italy as CSO/BoD.

In 2009 he coordinated, supported by Atlantis Capital investment fund, the MBO of Ecostream Italy (later Making Energy SpA) subsequently becoming CEO, holding the role of member of the Managing Board of the Italian Photovoltaic Companies Group of Confindustria for two terms. In 2015, he achieved the EGE qualification – Expert in Energy Management. Member of the board of Italia Solare since 2017 and coordinator of the Marketing and Communication working group, in 2019 he was elected Vice President of the association.

Riccardo Bani
Riccardo BaniFounder – Executive Vice Chairman
Nuclear engineer graduated at the University of Pisa, he began his career in Fochi Energia firstly with the role of Project Engineer and then Project Manager of various projects. Subsequently, he acquired the responsibility of the CHP Plant division that manufactures and manages cogeneration plants up to 100 MW. In 1996, he joined Edison first as a Sales Manager and then as a Business Developer Manager in the electrical sector.

In 1999 he took part with Massimo Orlandi in the foundation of Energia SpA, today Sorgenia, which has become one of the first 5 electricity and gas operators on the free market. General Manager of the parent company, member of the BoD of several companies of the Group, he also holds the chairmanship in a subsidiary company operating in the energy efficiency sector in the P.A. and among the few certified ESCOs in Italy.